Freitag, 25. September 2015


I appreciate silence. Noises exhaust me. I like walking around at night, when the streets are empty. That moment, when you can feel the quietness, let go and feel safe. The silence tells you so much more than noises could ever do. It calms me, makes me giving my heart to my thoughts. Closing your eyes and feeling the spirit of the moment. Realizing the pure beauty around you. Letting go, being yourself. No mask, no lies. Honesty. There's space for the deep thoughts the ones that really matter.


I can feel his breath on my neck. Looking in his eyes makes me see everything. The world, souls, pure beauty. He makes me feel safe and allows me to be who I really am. To be crazy, to be emotional, to be angry. Talking, listening, talking. The whole night. Feeling loved, special. They say, you only get what you deserve. It's more than anything I could've imagined.

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